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Why Take Burwin Courses?
Quality Courses with Portability

Improve your knowledge of ultrasound and earn educational credits (CME, CEU, CPD), "Anytime, Anywhere at your Convenience."

The Burwin Institute offers an efficient and cost effective way of helping you upgrade your knowledge of established applications, such as, the Abdomen, OB/GYN, or study for new disciplines, such as, Breast and MSK.

By using Burwin courses you do not have to travel to obtain the theory needed to perform the various diagnostic ultrasound examinations requested by physicians. This greatly reduces your expenses and saves a lot of time.

Burwin courses provide all the theory needed to perform ultrasound examinations and successfully write the ARDMS examinations. There is no need to purchase any textbooks.

Burwin courses more than meet the classroom hour requirements of the ARDMS and meet the requirement of the professional bodies for continuing medical education.

Burwin has helped to educate over 24,500 medical personnel.

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The following are comments from the graduates of The Burwin Institute courses: 

Burwin courses are the only practical way to acquire a theoretical background in U/S for sonographers in training outside of U/S training schools. I have had 5 U/S Techs working for me who have all trained on their own using Burwin courses. - W. Rinehart, Ontario

"This is SO MUCH MORE HELPFUL to me than trying to cram all this knowledge into a 3 day - 2 week seminar. I also have the advantage of all the worksheets and scan sheets to go back to." - L. Emelander, Michigan 

Thank you for a very valuable course. This self study material helps me a great deal in my daily working condition. I'll use it as one of my reference tools. Most importantly I'll recommend it to my co-workers. VALUE FOR MONEY - perhaps the best value today. - L. Shiang, California 

"When you combine the text material with the course notes and then spend a few hours observing some related ultrasound scans it makes for a very positive environment; unlike other (correspondence) courses I have taken before. Your program was highly recommended to me by a former student and I do not hesitate to do the same." - M. LeBlond, Ontario 

"I thank you especially for all your help and although it is through the mail you make me feel like you really care how I am doing -- Thanks! PS. I have four kids and work full-time and this is perfect for me so I can study when I have time." - K. Jankovsky, Illinois 

"The course was easy to follow. I knew how to do the scans, but was lacking in some of the pathology. THE COURSE MET MY NEEDS EXCELLENTLY." - L. Fennell, Ontario 

"If I didn't understand something and sent my questions in, they were always answered in great detail so that I DEFINITELY UNDERSTOOD." - H. Ridenour, British Columbia 

"Provided a means of study at my convenience. Much more information and thought provoking than lectures." - D. Martin, Ontario 

"LARGE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL IN A WELL ORGANIZED FORMAT. I plan on keeping and using my notes as future reference material. Thanks for everything." - D. Jones, Niagara Falls, Ontario 

"The courses helped me to DEFINE MY AREAS OF WEAKNESS and then to strengthen them." - D. Riley, Ohio 

"I FOUND THE COURSE EXCELLENT AND I ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH. It has definitely made me a better sonographer with a lot more confidence." - F. Lynch, Newfoundland

"This is my first experience with a correspondence course and I was very impressed with the quality of the material. It allowed me to broaden my knowledge base while allowing me to STUDY WHEN MOST CONVENIENT FOR ME." - G. Huffman,Oklahoma

"I was in the 98TH PERCENTILE IN THE PHYSICS, ABDOMEN AND OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. The courses helped me greatly." - D.G., South Dakota

"POSITIVE EXPERIENCE - No complaints at all. My boss even reimbursed the costs! Great opportunity for working moms who don't wish to commute." - J. Petruzella, Ajax

"This was the fourth course I have taken from Burwin. Now I feel I have a good background in vascular technology. I felt the course was difficult but I also feel it made me try a little harder to grasp all the information. I had taken the physics course & OB-GYN courses in the past and I am certain these helped me obtain my RDMS status. I still refer to these references quite a bit at my workplace - even my radiologist ask me questions about OB-GYN studies and I feel great knowing I have such an excellent reference to fall back on. Thanks!" - E. M. Stillabower, Indiana