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Ultrasonography of the Abdomen & Small Parts - Part 1

Ultrasonography of the Abdomen & Small Parts - Part 1
Course Code - 003

This course is organized as a two-part course - Part 1 and Part 2. Together, the two courses provide comprehensive coverage of the registry Abdomen test content outline. Pertinent gross anatomy, sectional anatomy, physiology, pathology and pathophysiology are presented in addition to the sonographic appearances of normal and abnormal structures. Each part has approximately 200 (total over 400) ultrasound images. No other textbook is required.

The assignments include over 400 Registry type examination questions. The two final examinations provide excellent opportunities to write Registry type examinations under exam room conditions.

It is recommended that Part 1 be taken before Part 2 as they are sequential courses however both courses may be taken simultaneously during the same term. It is not recommended to enroll in Part 2 without doing Part 1.

This two-part course has been evaluated by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) and has been approved for 30 educational credits or units (CME/CEU/CPD) for each part (60 credits or units in total).

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Module 1:

  • Normal abdominal vascular anatomy and sonography
  • Sonography of abdominal vascular disorders

Module 2:

  • Normal liver anatomy and physiology
  • Normal hepatic sonography
  • Common ultrasound imaging artifacts

Module 3:

  • Introduction to cellular pathology
  • Sonography of hepatic pathology

Module 4:

  • Ultrasound of the biliary system
  • Sonography of the retroperitoneum to include the adrenal glands.




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