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Neurosonology - Part 1

Neurosonology - Part 1
Course Code - 008

NEUROSONOLOGY is organized as a two-part course, PART 1 and PART 2. The courses are designed to prepare the applicant for the Neurosonology portions of the Pediatric Sonography Registry Content Outline. It will also be of interest to sonographers who wish to update their knowledge in the field of Neurosonology.

This course has also proved beneficial to obstetrical sonographers who scan the fetal brain transvaginally in the second and third trimester.

Gross anatomy, sectional anatomy and pathology of the brain and spinal cord are presented in addition to the sonographic appearances of normal and abnormal structures. Current Doppler applications are also discussed. It is recommended that PART 1 be taken before PART 2 as they are sequential courses however, both courses may be taken during the same term. It is not recommended to take PART 2 before PART 1. Sonographers with a Neurosonology credential wishing to review, may take the courses in any order.

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Module 1:

  • Anatomy and normal sonographic appearances of the bony cranium
  • Embryonic brain
  • Cerebral lobes and fissures
  • Medical care of the neonate during scanning
  • Imaging approaches
  • Examination protocol
  • Documentation and standard viewing conventions

Module 2:

  • Anatomy and normal sonographic appearances of the cerebral commissures
  • Basal nuclei
  • Thalamus and hypothalamus
  • Functional areas of the cerebral cortex
  • Midbrain
  • Hindbrain
  • Subarachnoid spaces
  • Folds of dura mater and the ventricular system

Module 3:

  • Blood supply to the brain
  • Veins of the brain
  • Venous sinuses
  • Doppler theory, technique and applications in normal and abnormal preterm and term infants




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