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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
Course Code - 032

This comprehensive course is designed primarily for sonographers who wish to introduce themselves to the rapidly growing field of musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound. Covering the most common areas of MSK ultrasound performed today, the course will provide a valuable reference for this exciting imaging modality.

If you are preparing for the ARDMS sonographer-level RMSKS credential, you are required to pass both their MSKS and SPI examinations. This course covers the required content needed to pass the ARDMS MSKS exam.

If you are preparing for the APCA physician-level RMSK credential, please be aware that this course does not cover the physics and instrumentation (26%) and interventional procedures (18%) sections of their content outline.

The course is totally self-contained and is composed of four modules. THERE IS ALSO A COMPREHENSIVE ATLAS OF MSK IMAGES DEPICTING NORMAL ANATOMY AS WELL AS NUMEROUS PATHOLOGIES AND ARTIFACTS. Following each of the four modules, the student will complete an open book assignment. Each assignment is returned to the student with an explanatory answer key explaining the correct response. After finishing the course, each student has an opportunity to write an OPTIONAL closed book final exam written in the presence of an invigilator (exam supervisor).

A fast effective way of obtaining the 30 MSK-related educational credits recommended by the Registry is to take Burwin's MSK Home Study Course. Although credits are not required to apply for the RMSKS examination, ARDMS highly recommends and encourages applicants to earn a minimum of 30 MSKS ultrasound specific credits to assist you in preparing to take the RMSKS examination.

This course has been evaluated by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) and is approved for 30 educational credits or units (CME/CEU/CPD). A CME certificate is issued to the student after successful completion of all four course assignments.

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Module 1 - An Overview of MSK Ultrasound

  • Indications for MSK ultrasound
  • An overview of normal anatomy
  • Sonographic appearances of normal tissues
  • An overview of MSK pathology
  • Introduction to MSK ultrasound scanning

Module 2 - Upper Extremity

  • Bones of the upper extremity
  • Soft tissue anatomy
  • Scanning protocols
  • Upper extremity pathology

Module 3 - Lower Extremity

  • Bony anatomy and landmarks
  • Soft tissue anatomy
  • Scanning protocols
  • Lower extremity pathology

Module 4 - Miscellaneous Topics

  • Superficial hernias including abdominal wall and groin
  • Scanning the chest and abdominal wall
  • Pediatric MSK ultrasound
  • Role of the Sonographer in Interventional procedures
  • Patient care




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